QR Code Sign Experiences

QR (Quick Response) codes are an engaging way to connect with your visitors and customers at your premises. With QR codes used at premises for recording visits for COVID contact tracing, most people are now familiar with scanning a QR code using their mobile device to open a webpage. Web pages linked from a QR code scan contain any content that suits including text, forms, graphics, animation, audio and video. This means that a QR code external to the premises can contain information and promotional offers.

Example of a QR code printed sign

Examples of QR Code Signs

Cafes and Restaurants

Opens a page with the menu. Add a voucher offer with a discount on certain items as a thank you for scanning the QR code. In the wake of the pandemic, restaurants are moving to contactless solutions like digital menus instead of physical menus. Since printing menus also impact the environment, many restaurants have moved to using QR code menus.

Business & Government Office Reception Areas

Enable information about the business including health and safety requirements and company news to be delivered to visitors.

Tourist Sites

A link to the tours and info on seats available for the departure times to attractions that day.

Retail Stores

Info on special products that visually connect customers through pictures, video and text. Links on the mobile to the retailer’s web and social sites. Special discount offers with vouchers can be given.

Museums Galleries and Heritage Centres

Offer interpretive information on exhibits including details of the artist or maker. Use pictures, video and text that enliven the story of important objects and artwork.

QR code signs for outdoors Heritage Sites can be printed on bronze plaques to last for years
QR code sign linked form example
QR code sign heritage site story
QR code sign linked form example
QR code sign linked form example
For all of the examples, a link on the mobile web page can be added to an online form which enables the customer or visitor to record their details. This creates an online relationship between the business and the customer/visitor.

Dynamic QR Codes

Imagine a QR code sign displayed in a restaurant window in the morning to link special offers for breakfast and lunch, and in the evening special offers for dinner. Dynamic QR codes can point to different pages for visitors depending on factors such as the time of day or capacity of a restaurant being fully booked at the current time. They are great for time-based marketing campaigns.

Augmented and Extended Reality Experiences

For more immersive experiences, scanning a QR code can lead to augmented (AR) or extended reality (XR) experiences on a mobile device, no new app required. Augmented reality apps on mobiles are now very much mainstream, e.g., very popular with Pokemon Go several years ago. Now on Google Maps walking directions can be provided. Google Live View augmented reality maps have an overlay feature that lets you see the direction where you need to walk to get to your destination.

Example of AR on a mobile device

Our Services

We provide QR code sign experiences at your premises including design and back end technology. Our services include custom designed experience templates for a wide range of premises, content management systems, and training. QR codes can link to social media, contact details including LinkedIn and start a draft email to which the receivers address entered. We also offer QR code production, sign printing, QR code links, cloud hosting and back end tech support. Our QR augmented reality experiences include design of animated overviews with the story relevant to the place where you are, e.g., a beach, park, museum, etc. Users can still see the real world around them in the background behind the animation through the camera on their mobile phone.

Be Aware

Spammers are now using QR codes as a way to download malicious files to smartphones. Hackers and scammers can create malware downloads with QR codes. An example can force your phone to send premium text messages at great expense. It pays to use a trusted source of QR codes and that is what you get with our QR code experiences services.