Object Recognition Tables

Object recognition tables offer new ways to engage people at venues. They enable interaction that crosses between the physical world and the digital world. Our Object Recognition (OR) tables use pucks or tag objects on an interactive screen as the human/PC interface.

Objects are also called tangible objects as they use a physical connection from the real world to the virtual world on a screen. Tangible objects can be in many shapes to enable amazing experiences by moving and twisting for great user interaction. You can design and print out tangible object tops with a 3D printer to go on puck objects. Then the customised tangible objects can be related to the table content and stories.

See a video of an object recognition table in action using our Smart Interactive Table App.

Combine tangible object recognition with touch gestures to interact with content in entirely new ways. With a tangible object on an Object Recognition table, a user can browse media, engage with forms, connect with web links on a table screen to get information, collaborate with others or be entertained. Move pucks around the table, then rotate and resize media containers and graphics with your fingers.

For use from retail to corporate and from healthcare institutions to museums.

Based on Projected Capacitive technology

For object recognition tables we use interactive foil from Displax under glass on an LCD display. The capacitive touch screen is activated by human touch, or conductive tags or pucks which serve as an electrical conductor to connect with the electrical field of the touch screen. We use passive tags, no electronic parts. Our Smart Interactive Table app works with OR tables from Prestop with Displax interactive foil.

See a video from Displax about how their object recognition technology works. Object Recognition uses Physical Objects on Touchscreens.

What is Needed

Object Recognition is offered with Displax touch foil Skin Ultra 100-point touch product. The requirements for Displax embedded object recognition are:


Skin Ultra touch sensor up to 75’’


4 mm Glass Thickness


DISPLAX official tags or pucks


DISPLAX Connect App for Windows


A multimedia application – our Smart Interactive Table App is suitable

Displax Ultra Large Multitouch Foil

Displax is the world leader in making touch foil to power interactive displays, touch windows and much more. From 10 to 100-point capacitive touch overlays and amazing touchscreen configuration & management apps for Windows PCs.

Tangible Tags or Pucks With No Battery

The tangible object recognition tags, or pucks require no power or battery. They are passive, which gives them much more flexibility and durability. Attach your 3D printed objects to tangible tags or pucks with glue, simple and easy.

Displax Connect App For Windows PC’s

Touch Configuration software is included with every DISPLAX product. For setting up the touch controller and optimising its settings for specific use cases. Delivers a quick initial touch setup adjusting the gain and threshold levels