Engage, Educate, Collaborate! Interactive Floors and Walls.

Immerse your customers, staff, and visitors with captivating interactive floors and walls. Our interactive floors provide exceptional edutainment, offering a fun and educational experience for children to learn while they play. Elevate collaboration and interpretation with interactive video walls.

Experience the power of interactive walls that foster dynamic team collaboration. Whether in meetings or presentations, our interactive walls enable multiple individuals to effortlessly explore and engage with relevant information. With intuitive drag-and-drop gestures, users can easily interact with content, allowing ideas to flow and facilitating a natural collaborative environment.

Interactive wall and floor apps

Unleash the potential of interactive technology to bring people together like never before. Our interactive walls create a seamless and engaging platform for teamwork, where sharing ideas and working collectively becomes effortless and intuitive. Offer truly immersive and collaborative experiences.

Also perfect for interpretive experiences at tourist sites, museums, and beyond, our interactive floors and walls create memorable and engaging experiences that captivate and inform. Embrace the power of interactive technology to engage and inspire your audience like never before.

Interactive wall and floor apps

Interactive Video Walls With LCD Screens

Our LCD screen video walls provide the ultimate interactive touchscreen display. Multiple users can simultaneously access captivating interactive experiences. Unleash the power of shared interaction with our cutting-edge video walls.

Interactive Video Walls With Projection Screens

Lower cost than LCD walls, ideal for children. Features include immersive experiences, interactive content, and collaborative play. Experience the magic of projection screen walls and create unforgettable moments creating “wow” factor effects.

Interactive Video Floors With Projection

Interactive video floor projections enable children to play and have great fun. Step on shapes or animated animals and learn new stuff. Enable adults to play a new type of interactive game. Offer abstract art that changes when people walk by.