Wide Range Of Interactive Displays For Venues

We supply several brands of commercial touchscreen displays for use in venues offering from 10 to 100 touch points with capacitive touch. Options for touchscreen displays include mounting displays with wall and bench top mounts and custom fitting in bespoke cabinetry.

Uses For Touchscreen Displays

Our touchscreen displays are delivered as key components of interactive video walls, indoor and outdoor kiosks, through shop windows touch displays, interactive tables and object recognition touch tables.

Brands We Supply

We supply interactive displays from a range of suppliers including Elotouch, Hyundia, Samsung, InTouch, LG, Philips and Prestop. We import Prestop touchscreen displays from Holland. All are commercial displays, with options on screen brightness.

Use Touch Displays to Connect with the Venue

With an interactive display in a venue, you can use touch gestures on a screen for a more natural way to get information. More direct, more context, easier and quicker. Interactive displays are used to engage, inform and learn about a particular topic relating to the real world place you are at. People want contextual info which interactive displays are ideal to deliver to explain complex products, exhibits and more in a simple way graphically with audio and video. Touchscreen displays invite the public to connect with the venue and engage with what it has to offer.

Wall Mounted Touchscreens

Our wall mounted touch displays are from 21” to 55”. Landscape or portrait. We mount small Windows PC’s behind the screen for a better look. Screens can be tilted to suit users needs. Our lowest cost hardware product, suitable for museums & tourist sites.

Cabinet Mounted Touch Displays

Ultimate touch displays for visitor centres or tourist sites, touchscreen mounted in bespoke cabinets or flush mounts. Use touchscreens in stylish cabinets where tradition interpretive graphics can be displayed beside touchscreens for further information.

EloTouch Displays and Stands

Elotouch has been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of touch displays for over 30 years with sizes from 10” to 65”. The Elo Wallaby stands are floor or bench-mounted and are a low-cost touchscreen mounting solution for venues.

Intouch Interactive Displays

Our supplier InTouch deliver a great range very stylish capacitive touch displays with commercial grade components, edge to edge glass and a high-quality finish. Most offer 10 point touch. No manufacturer’s logo’s. Sizes are from 21 inch to 55 inch.

Outdoor Kiosks

Hyundai outdoor kiosks can run 24/7. High-bright displays with ambient light adjustment and very high-quality cabinets built in Korea. Sizes from 32” to 55”, single or double-sided. Very suitable for operating with our Omnitapps4 Composer apps, the External app runs Chrome browser kiosk mode, on one website.

Through Shop Window Interactive Display

High bright displays with auto light adjustment and Displax interactive foil inside shop windows to offer engaging experiences. Nothing on the outside of the window, except perhaps an audio speaker. Let visitors explore products, services and stories 24/7 with self-service from the footpath.