In-venue App Design and Development

Transform in-venue engagement with our state-of-the-art app solutions. Elevate visitor engagement with compelling content, seamless collaboration, immersive entertainment, educational experiences, insightful surveys, and much more.

Experience captivating user interactions on interactive displays, kiosks, tables, walls, and floors. Redefine in-venue interactions and leave a lasting impression with our innovative app design and development services.

Smart Interactive Table App

Our own locally developed Smart Interactive Table App delivers engaging experiences on interactive tables. Our app offers touch gesture control of several media containers for up to 4 – 6  users around an interactive table from 32” to 65” and larger long tables.

Our Smart Interactive Table uses parts of the international software open framework for object recognition on multitouch surfaces, TUIO. It was originally developed in JAVA. TUIO defines a common protocol for tangible multitouch surfaces. Our app includes a TUIO client implementation with JavaScript using TUIO libraries licensed under the LPGL. 

OR Table

Enable visitors to collaborate, learn,  be entertained and share media relating to the place they are at with a simple to use, intuitive app.

Our Smart Interactive Table has a very easy-to-use content management system.

See a video of the first use of our Smart Interactive Table App.

Omnitapps4 Composer and Player Apps

Omnitapps4 Composer is a full-featured multi-touch software authoring app for Windows 10/11. It is a visual design “no code” tool that saves time and money compared with using programming languages for development. It features templates for over 20 apps for use on public touchscreens and touch tables/walls. Omnitapps4 Composer has configurations for museums and galleries, retail showrooms and corporate presentations. Learn more about Omnitapps4 Composer ›

Omnitapps4 Composer develops Omnitapps4 Player apps for Windows 10/11 PC/s. A Player app may include several Omnitapps4 Composer apps on the main menu, including apps for media browsing, playing games, and gathering information such as with Survey app. Many of our customers get us to design and develop a suite of apps for their venue with Omnitapps4 Composer4, rather than purchase a tool that they would rarely use.

Omnitapps4 Composer Apps

Blacksmith shot new help - MediaViewer app

MediaViewer app

With a thumbnail menu at the bottom of the screen users can easily select the files they desire to view. Using this multi-user app will enable them to rotate and scale images, videos and pdf documents with touch and drag gestures. Easy to create categories and update content. Different background pages for categories can be included.

MediaTimeLine app

MediaTimeLine app

Create an interactive horizontal timeline to present your media. Let visitors swipe through a menu with your own topics. Show your media categorized as milestones, dates, products and services in a timeline. Media for each category is thrown to the display space. Media can be dragged to resize and rotate with one finger.

omnitapps-mediatiles-MediaTiles app

MediaTiles app

Engage your visitors with a powerful multimedia app, MediaTiles. By tapping on a small tile, a 3D flip transition occurs, displaying a big tile with media including photos and videos. Tap again to close. This app is ideal for showing your products or stories on a multitouch table or interactive video wall.

MediaSwipe App

MediaSwipe displays images and videos to your audience. Content can include full screen images or images at smaller sizes on your choice of background. Swipes are similar to those that users are familiar with on their mobile. Navigate to your desired image or video by using left or right swipe functionality. Thumbnail images can be displayed on the bottom. Easy to edit: drag and drop images in a folder.


SwipeMediaMarker App

Add touchable x,y point markers to any graphic for pop up info or to open other applications, configurations or other content – with each its specific media and background images. Swipe between each marker background. Each marker page has its own set of markers and can contain photos, videos and PDF files shown in an auto-generated menu. Jumps between pages can be attached to a marker. A very powerful app.

QuizGame app

With QuizGame you can create your interactive multiple choice quiz with your own media. This way you can test knowledge of visitors and let them learn something at the same time. Every question can have a photo or video that users need to scale and rotate with multi-touch gestures to find the correct answer. You can show an explanation screen after a question has been answered.

MatchGame app

Put your own content in the spotlight with MatchGame. This competitive multiplayer game can be played with 1, 2 or 4 players. This game has been created so it’s easy to fill with your own pictures. You can create your own categories and choose the content you want to show. To win the game you have to match the correct images to the correct category by dragging and dropping.

PuzzleGame app

Entertain your visitors with your own created puzzle! With PuzzleGame it’s a piece of cake to create your own puzzle, just pick an image and size and the app will automatically generate a puzzle. The puzzle can be solved by dragging and rotating the puzzle pieces into place. Via a form you can collect data, which will be stored locally in a database.


MemoryGame app

Unleash your creativity with Memory Game, where you can design your own interactive memory game. Challenge friends or play solo in this competitive multiplayer game. Race against the clock to match up eight images. Customize the game with options, including personalized cards, backgrounds, sounds, and more. Keep track of high scores and register achievements. Experience endless fun and engage memory skills with Memory Game.

Survey App

With Survey app we can easily create a self-service or staff use tablet app survey for your customers and visitors. With one of the eight different question templates we can create any kind of survey you like including multi-choice questions, tick boxes and typed answers. All elements can be styled, the background can be replaced and for each question we can add media. Data stored in a local database.

Form app

Transform data collection with Form App. Easily create custom interactive forms to gather valuable information from customers and visitors. Configure text fields, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and checkboxes to suit your needs. Upon form submission, a customisable message is displayed. The collected data is stored in an Excel file on your PC. Form app is ideal for events, staff information collection, and more.

External apps

Run your own applications on top of Omnitapps4 with External Apps. While your application runs, Omnitapps will stay open in the background. If you close your application, you will go back to the Omnitapps main menu. Mainly used to run the Chrome Browser for access to only one web page or site as part of your app suite main menu. Great for venues and events that need up to date info like sporting events live results.

There are several other great edutainment game apps made with Composer4.

They include:

ShuffleGame App – a touchscreen version of shuffle
Airhockey App – lots of fun on a multitouch table
BattleQuiz App – answer questions about specific topics.

Interactive Wall and Floor Apps

We produce content, apps and systems for interactive walls and floors which are controlled by several different technologies including touch gestures and infra-red cameras.

Apps for Kiosk Operated Interactive Video Walls

For an Interactive Wall Operated from a kiosk by one user, our Smart Large Format Display App offers a way to control a wall by one user on a kiosk touchscreen, possibly around a 22” touch display. We offer several media browsing apps including Media Viewer, Media Wall, Timeline, VideoPlayer, Media Tiles and many more. These apps can allow the kiosk to act as an interactive jukebox with the kiosk screen view streamed to a projection screen.

App For Interactive Video Wall Operated With Touchscreens

For large format touchscreen interactive walls, several users can concurrently browse and collaborate with media. Our Smart Large Format Display App offers a way to control a wall by several users over very wide walls, up to six LCD screens wide. No problems to drag media from one end of the wall to another.

Apps For Using The Body To Control Interactive Walls and Floors

Large-format interactive video walls and floors can be controlled by using the body as the interface with gestures directed to the video wall or by feet walking on a floor projection. An infra-red camera tracks users movements and the app activates gesture and hotspot recognition. We supply several apps for these types of interactive walls and floors.


Gesturetek Software

We supply a range of gesture systems for interactive walls and floor from the world leader, Gesturetek from Canada. We take the Gesturetek software developer’s kits and customise design, animation, features and content for customer’s needs. They include:

Wall FX©

Stop people in their tracks by projecting dazzling special effects onto any wall or vertical surface. A dynamic, full-body interactive wall experience where the user controls interactive effects, advertising and games with simple hand and body motions

Screen FX©

ScreenFX displays utilize a patented, camera-based system that looks out at the surrounding area and reacts directly to movement. Customers can’t ignore digital signage that tracks their gestures and creatively responds with dazzling effects.

Ground FX©

A cutting-edge multimedia visual display application that projects incredible interactive special effects, games, or edutainment directly onto any floor, immersing users in a captivating and dynamic experience.