We consult on creating entertaining immersive experiences and edutainment with story and narrative, interface and user experience design and digital delivery platforms for visitors to museums, galleries, libraries, exhibitions, showrooms, tourist sites and visitor information centres. We advise on creating engaging exhibits and systems very simple to operate in public spaces.
Interactive Experiences - Consulting

Our consulting services offer digital media advice and creative solutions, approaching each project in a planned, controlled and professional manner. For many years we’ve been consulting with curators, directors, producers, artists, creators, administrators and many more. With such a background, we can confidently offer advice as to what delivery platforms and types of content suit particular stories, interactive experiences and cutting-edge technology engagement at any location.

Every new project is a unique challenge - so first, we’ll listen.

What type of customer interaction are you looking for? What’s the story you want to tell? What level of impact do you want to make? Where do you envisage displays being located? What sort of immersive experience do you wish to provide? Will there be event hosts or guides to assist with interpretation of art or exhibits? What budget did you have in mind? What suits your communication and customer experience needs? Depending on your briefing and our experience, we’ll then present ideas and options – covering creative design, app user experience, delivery platforms, and on-going content management.

Design Services

We have years of visitor experience creation which enables us to offer advice with what will work to tell your stories or delivery your information in an engaging way. We can show how to create simple engaging public technology systems that suit your business. We offer advice on:

We consult on design for cutting edge public use digital technology. Our consulting covers customer user interface design and guest experiences for many types of delivery platforms. We are familiar with many leading suppliers of products for digital displays and interactive engagement systems/delivery platforms. We know what technology works well in any location from airports to zoos for memorable visitor experiences.

Delivery platforms we design experiences for include:

Interactive displays –bench and wall mounted
Interactive kiosks
Multi-touch tables
Through glass window
interactive displays
Touchless interactive displays
Object recognition displays
Exhibition and gallery cinemas
Digital signage displays
Interactive video walls
Interactive floors
Immersive projection screens

We offer years of experience with design of interactive display games and experiences for people of all ages, especially children.

This includes games for touchscreen displays; interactive tables, walls and floors. We design “edutainment” games that engage children in a very positive way. They include:

MatchGame App – match the images into categories
MemoGame App – how good is your memory
QuizGame App – a multi-choice answer app
Puzzle App – digital jigsaw for up to 4 players