AI Driven Local Info Kiosks

Explore our latest product, AI-driven local info kiosks designed with animated avatars and operated by a voice interface. Operating seamlessly on large format display kiosks, we offer a voice-centric user interface, allowing you to engage with AI metahuman avatars effortlessly. Simply ask questions with your voice, and experience real-time, lip-synced spoken responses. Our kiosks are trained only to deliver your local information. Assist people in venues to get curated info in an engaging new way.

Metahuman Self-Info Kiosk App and System

Developed by our Brisbane Qld. partner Soulbotix, our Metahuman Self-Info Kiosk app is tailored for custom Windows PCs. Soulbotix, a leader in Australia for ChatGPT-powered animated self-info apps, ensures a cutting-edge experience.

We customise the app’s user interface to align with your business needs, featuring your own animated avatars and touchscreen user experience for a seamless interaction.

Localised Information Delivery

Gain a competitive edge with our metahuman product, trained exclusively to provide local information. Unlike other systems, it operates on a local server, minimizing lag times and ensuring functionality even when the network is down. Our metahuman app guarantees uninterrupted service for at least one day, making it a reliable solution.

See more and try using “Sarah the metahuman” here ›

User-Friendly Training

Easily train the Metahuman Self-Info Kiosk app with your local information. Upload relevant files such as flyers and text documents and collaborate with our team to set parameters for offering answers. Enjoy a hassle-free training process for a tailored user experience.

Diverse Kiosk Options

Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor kiosks suitable for our AI driven local info kiosks. With sizes ranging from 22” to 75” in portrait mode, these touchscreen kiosks can be custom-branded to complement your venue. Place the kiosk in a quiet area to ensure optimal user experience and consider external microphones for clear voice input.

Integration with Windows Self Info Kiosk Apps - Omnitapps4 Suite

As our Metahuman app runs under Windows 11 , we offer the flexibility to integrate other self-info apps into the kiosk’s main menu. Explore the Omnitapps4 suite, featuring apps like Media Swipe, Timeline, Media Tiles, and more. Create a curated experience by combining our Metahuman app with other Omnitapps4 apps on the main menu, allowing users to seamlessly switch between curated local media and interactive conversations with the metahuman avatar.