Welcome to Interactive Experiences

What We Do

Interactive digital story-telling and multimedia in the physical world. We take today’s digital platforms and create attractive and engaging visitor experiences providing immediate access to information and stories

At Interactive Experiences, we specialise in producing interactive digital experiences for places where people gather: museums, heritage sites, galleries, libraries visitor centres, aquariums, zoos, trade shows, tourist sites, conference venues, reception areas and at special events.

These are the places where visitors expect to find the latest digital media; they enjoy viewing and interacting with content on new technology formats, from audio exhibits to large-format touchscreen displays.

We create video content including ultra-wide screen and 180/360 degree virtual reality clips. We simplify complex information with access through intuitive user interface design. We develop apps for many platforms, being platform neutral, our interest is the best system to engage your customers and visitors.

We design and create immersive projection experiences with large format displays which can be up to 10 m wide. Projection screens can have an interactive element for instance enabling visitors to swipe images in a slideshow with simple hand gestures. Our interactive floors feature custom design animation for children. For instance when they step near animals they run for cover and hide, then emerge as steps are taken backwards. 

QR Code Experiences

To Display a QR Code Sign At Your Premises or Location

Offer Information – Special Deals – Discounts

Can include: tour and entry deals, menu options, special discounts and local information including maps and bookings. Advantages: